Relationship Counselling

If you have lost the connection that you once had with your partner then it's timely to gain some understanding of where things got off track. How you think about your difficulties, how you manage your feelings, where you focus your attention and how you act and communicate under stress will determine the quality of your relationship.  We cannot underestimate the importance of cultivating our most intimate relationships and the power that these relationships can bring to our lives when they are well maintained.   

It’s a passion of mine to support people in repairing ruptures by learning about effective reconnection skills and the normal and natural stages and struggles that growing couples encounter.  

Equipped with a clearer picture of the relationship terrain and a ‘map’ that points to the stepping stones of collaboration and connection, my aim is that as we work together,  you can then direct your energy toward a more vital and satisfying relationship. 


Couples Sessions $200 per hour (Couples sessions are 90 to 120 minutes)

Sessions can be done in person or over zoom, skype and phone.

Medicare rebates with a Mental Health Care Plan

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