I chose the name Counselling and Integrated Therapies because my work with clients draws on a range of evidence based and trauma informed therapies that I have studied and have over 20 years experience with. The therapy process is one that is very personal and can bring up feelings, doubts and questions whilst challenging unsupportive patterns that are difficult to sustain.  My aim is to help you navigate those feelings, doubts and challenges and work together in finding your authentic voice. 

One of the nicest things about the work I do is seeing how quickly people change from feeling stuck, unhappy or overwhelmed to getting back on track with themselves and their relationships.  It takes patience and a willingness to want to change and with support and strategies tailored to your needs and lifestyle, the changes you wish for can and do happen.

Specialist stress reduction counselling can equip you with the practical and evidence based strategies to create and maintain healthy lifestyle choices that make significant changes. I work holistically which means taking into account the physical as well as psychological aspects of health. I’ll help you become more aware of your patterns and develop sustainable and effective strategies to enhance your holistic well being.

Individual sessions $145 per hour (Individual sessions are 60 or 90 minutes)

Sessions can be done in person or over zoom, skype and phone.

Medicare rebates with a Mental Health Care Plan 

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