Client Feedback

Josephine’s intuitive analysis of what technique to use and the exact question at the right moment, created the opportunity for sustainable change and a lightness in my own lived experience.  Both personally and professionally the depth of the work with Josephine has been transformative and grown my capacity and peace.  The sessions guided my growth and built my courage and creativity to look at my life and was done through deep respect and professionalism. - KT


I have been under the loving care of Josephine since mid-2020.  She came highly recommended by another one of my practitioners.  Josephine has supported and guided me through some major past and current life changes with the utmost nurturing care and respect.  She is open, approachable, empathetic, kind, highly skilled and knowledgeable while also gentle in challenging my thinking when needed.  Josephine has a wide toolbox of tools up her sleeve and if she doesn't have particular information on hand, she will seek it out in order to best support me.  She is open to learning new skills to aid my ongoing support.  I am grateful for and truly value Josephine’s care and support.  I highly recommend her skill and expertise for anyone struggling with life’s challenges. - CB


Josephine was warm, welcoming and supportive in helping us to renew and recreate our 22 year old marriage.  When finding ourselves stuck and unsure, she provided wonderful information, back up with fantastic resources, genuine care and support. Josephine seems to have an intuition that guides her sessions and leads to some wonderful and necessary changes.  We both felt very comfortable to bare all and to trust the process.  Her ability to understand and have compassion whilst holding the mirror was invaluable for us and our marriage. We are so thankful that she was able to help us in our time of need and change.  Highly recommended!! – PD & KD


Doing sessions with Josephine really helped break down some internal walls for me.  Josephine was really genuine and kind in our sessions and it allowed me to feel safe and guided in my vulnerable state.  I can highly recommend seeing her. - Client in his 20s


Josephine has been a huge support for me throughout a difficult period of my life. She has helped me reconnect with myself and feel validated and confident in that connection in order to navigate some major life transitions. Her knowledge combined with a gentle and loving approach is just the model I needed for the relationship I needed to heal with myself. - JT


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