Josephine Keijzer

Josephine has worked in integrative health for many years and is passionate about helping people of all ages overcome challenges and move towards their goals. She utilises therapeutic interventions tailored to the needs of the client, drawing on a range of qualifications:

  • Masters degree in Social Work
  • Bachelors degree in Social Science
  • Diploma in Modern Psychology
  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Josephine has worked locally and internationally. Since returning to the Sunshine Coast she spent three years as Director of Therapies for a private clinic specialising in trauma, addictions, anxiety and depression. She now sees clients in her private clinic and works with a holistic team at a coastal mental health retreat. Josephine also teaches yoga and mindfulness, regularly collaborating with local naturopaths, nutritionists and personal trainers to facilitate positive long-term health outcomes.

Josephine writes "Given the right environment, challenges can be overcome and transformation can occur. My aim is to teach accessible and easy-to-remember techniques to release tension, reduce anxiety, and build self reliance and confidence." 

Clients are given strategies and resources to support lasting change.

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Josephine Keijzer
AMHSW: B.Soc Sci (Couns); YTA