Relationships Counselling




Does your relationship feel like stormy weather?


Are there minefields of misunderstandings and patterns of ongoing tension that leave you feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted?


Are you allowing resentment, anger and mistrust that have their origins outside of your relationship, to overwhelm your present ?


The aim within Relationships Counselling is to facilitate giving both you and your partner a legitimate voice and to work through misunderstandings, validate experiences and establish the reconnection you've been missing. 






The quality of our relationships affects and determines the quality of our lives - they are pivotal to our sense of wellbeing.



We take time in our lives to learn about things we want to understand and get good at. So too, learning about ourselves and our relationships within a non judgmental, therapeutic, safe space is an ongoing, learning opportunity. 



When we don't run from what we fear, but can hear our own and the others' vulnerabilities, it helps deepen knowledge, release assumptions and tensions and acceptance finds its way back into the arena of relationship.



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Create a safe harbour for yourself and each other.


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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes"    Marcel Proust